Paisley Box Logo, Streetwear And More!

streetwearStreetwear Photography

Up and coming streetwear brand PKL hit us up for some product photography along with several other photographers. Together we worked and created a product shoot between us. We got some sent some nice urban clothing for us to wear and some for photography.

We got sent snapbacks, t shirts, vests, hoodies and so much more. It was like Christmas in the Occasional office! We set up the photo studio and a little light room to photograph the smaller products.

Urban Clothing Photography

To photograph the snapbacks and sunglasses we set up our small lights on a white sheet. This is the quickest and easiest way to photograph accessories without taking up too much space (little inside tip). We use 5000k white light bulbs in our lights as it does not give any off any hue.

We use a Nikon D60 to shoot our photos. The Nikon D60 is a real all-rounder camera, perfect for all sorts of photography. The white sheet is edited out easily using photoshop, leaving it looking like its shot on a white shiny surface. We sometimes edit the shadows out of the photography depending how dark the shadow is.

Skate Clothing Photography

We would love to photograph more things skate and urban. We plan on to release a few photos of where we have been and possibly some other photographs. Working with PKL has been great. Our favourite piece has to be the paisley box logo t shirt as well as the paisley patterned snapback.

If you have a brand or want to shoot some cool pictures drop us an email.